CIL Members at ISMRM Annual Meeting

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Last week, five members of the Computational Imaging Lab attended the annual meeting of the ISMRM in Singapore and presented their latest research to the international community. The group contributed five posters and one oral presentation to the meeting, including:

  • Marc Vornehm (Oral presentation): Low-Latency Reconstruction of Real-Time Cine MRI Using an Unrolled Network
  • Vanya Saksena (Poster presentation): Novel deep learning approach combining image reconstruction and diagnostic segmentation
  • Jinho Kim (Poster presentation): Deep Learning-based Reconstruction of Accelerated MR Cholangiopancreatography
  • Zhengguo Tan (Poster presentation): Accelerated Diffusion-Weighted MRI at 7T: Joint Reconstruction for Shift-Encoded Navigated Interleaved Echo Planar Imaging (JETS-NAViEPI)
  • Annika Hofmann (Poster presentation): Whole-Brain Mesoscale 0.7 millimeter-Isotropic-Resolution Diffusion MRI at Ultra-High Fields: The JETS-NAViEPI Approach.
  • Marc Vornehm (Poster presentation): Variational Network Meets Conjugate Gradient: Inline Reconstruction and Strain Analysis of Accelerated Cardiac Cine MRI

The numerous fruitful discussions with international MRI experts gave new insights into state-of-the-art research and developments in the field and the lab is looking forward to next year’s meeting in Honolulu.